Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Serj Kalichev 9c4c835330 Fix README for latest version link 1 month ago
  Serj Kalichev 3833e7f880 Version faux-2.2.0 1 month ago
  Serj Kalichev c6863168ce Comment about network byte order for message header fields 3 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 3bbf373229 faux_str_c_esc_space() to escape spaces too 5 months ago
  Serj Kalichev a633510c77 Add faux_str_c_esc_quote() function and test 5 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 212ce8789b file: Fix faux_file_close() 5 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 889e5b9700 str: Add faux_str_has_content() function 6 months ago
  Serj Kalichev ebbd985efe file: faux_file_close() doesn't close fd opened by faux_file_fdopen() because fd was openen previously but not by faux_file code 6 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 2a541b7ea0 buf: Assert for object 6 months ago
  Serj Kalichev df1d569287 async: Default i/o buffer size is unlimited 7 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 5f7ab566e6 async: Fix faux_async_in(). The IN buffer can be full 7 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 791e6b38d5 async: Fix faux_async_out_easy() 7 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 2cf167e7be async: More responsive versions of in/out functions faux_async_in_easy() and faux_async_out_easy() 7 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 8780179d84 eloop: Signal handler can be reassigned 8 months ago
  Serj Kalichev b5674aef22 Add faux_buf_empty() 9 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 126e30cb23 Check for null length within faux_cleanse() 9 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 3dcfecbc0d faux_cleanse() function 9 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 99c9cf7b95 Add faux_async_ibuf(), faux_async_obuf() 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 9a4c677117 str: faux_str_unclosed_quotes() 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev e5c36764f3 Add faux_sched_init_ev_iter() 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 9bbb5dc097 Add faux_daemon() to header 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev dc5dc505a1 Add faux_daemon() function 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 666dafd5e9 Fix warnings in tests 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 0e91effd38 Don't do assert() for str in string functions. Just return NULL 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 7e7bb72109 list: Fix warning 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 0086c52186 base: Add faux_mkdir_p() 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev bb39f794db Version 2.1.0 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 620d5c390f base io: faux_read_block() works for non-blocked fds 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 670ddc273d base io: faux_write_block() works for non-blocking fd now 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 171f1548e0 buf: Mass test for testc 1 year ago