1. # Klish Project
  2. The klish is a framework for implementing a CISCO-like CLI on a UNIX systems.
  3. It is configurable by XML files.
  4. It's a stable klish branch for version 2.
  5. ## Homepage
  7. ## Documentation
  8. See the homepage and sourcecode tree "doc/" dir for documenation.
  9. ## Repository
  11. NOTE: You need branch "2.2" for stable version.
  12. The "master" branch is used for development of klish version 3 and it's not functional for now.
  13. ## Contributing
  14. Use klish mailing list to send patches.
  15. The best practice is to use "git format-patch" to format patch and "git send-email" to send it.
  16. It's great when the patch (or email) contain description for patch.
  17. ## Build
  18. Klish project needs XML parsing library like libxml2. See the documentation for details.