Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Serj Kalichev 15b7ffdbbc Add function to parse config 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 2f6748bf0d Add lub/ini library 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 89ec6bdd66 gitignore pdf and html 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 1de4eec72e Merge branch 'master' of 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 4c7eb72712 Change current version within documentation 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 8f84788fc8 Merge branch 'master' of 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 7bd2cbf792 Documentation fix. Information about license. 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 9b9acd9a82 Version 1.3.0 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 8ac87ad2c4 change error return value 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 18c1a7b7e1 Fix version number 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 993bc756c0 More simple structure of parse_local_cpus() 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 74298eb4b3 Newlines at end of files 8 years ago
  semverchenko b27533aa63 fix memory leak 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 5b50311241 fix memory leaks 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 3fb6fd138b fix code style 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko e2b72d5bbb fix memory leak in commented code 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko bef42bf776 rewrite hex input/output 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 4111fdbe17 clear cpumask 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 46a836dadc fix double memory release 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 730df6eb4d remove linux bitmap from project 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 6f5d77c094 Merge branch 'master' into bitarray 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 16088ae4f1 replace linux bitmask with bit_array 8 years ago
  Semyon Verchenko 80a3105062 ignore test dir 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 95a02a8d27 Documentation update 8 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 899cfa3e83 birq-1.2.0 9 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 016352becb Use load_limit while choose_cpu() 9 years ago
  Serj Kalichev a1f8a1734c Print old_intr and intr for IRQ info 9 years ago
  Serj Kalichev ceb9056c4a Fix condition to find new IRQs with intr=0 9 years ago
  Serj Kalichev a923ef3e89 Don't balance new IRQ with intr=0 9 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 43cbc34677 Add affinity info to IRQ string 9 years ago