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RepoForge project


The repoforge stands for Repository Forge. It's admin tool to easy control GIT and SVN repositories with SSH access. The permissions are based on UNIX groups and real users.

The project was initially created to support Subversion repositories with RPM package sources for RPM-based Linux distribution. It has potentialities to use different version control systems and generate different types of packages (RPM, deb) using the same source code and patches. But this features were not implemented yet.

The repoforge has the abilities to administer a SVN server with multiply projects in easy way. Each project has the list of users who have read-only access and the list of users with read-write permissions. The users is system users. The access lists is simply unix groups. The repoforge has utility rfa to create, delete and administer Subversion repositories.


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Author : Serj Kalichev <pkun(_at_)>