Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  peter 3f858167c5 fix build with lua 5 days ago
  peter ef0b5f562f lua: klish.path method 6 days ago
  peter 5382b98ff4 Merge branch 'master' of 6 days ago
  peter fbaa5c28a5 lua: args are {} 6 days ago
  Serj Kalichev 7205c6368c example: lua: Multiple parameter 6 days ago
  Peter Kosyh 76820eca18 lua: do not stick on 5.1 version 1 week ago
  Peter Kosyh f913adc008 lua: klish.ppar() added 1 week ago
  peter 6dd05b305e forgotten files 1 week ago
  peter da18ece36d lua: klish.par 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 6dc9b65fb3 lua: Build Lua plugin if --with-lua is specified 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 83e9877f90 example:lua: Add parameter int_val 1 week ago
  peter f533af2a87 lua example 1 week ago
  peter d0e0ad5eac remove useless headers 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 1426fefc1c Style fixes for lua plugin 1 week ago
  peter 5c6947503c first draft 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 801aa0304b Universal function kcontext_plugin() that can return plugin from ACTION 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 52f2608793 kaction contain reference to sym's plugin 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev bd6c878d57 context: Add scheme field and ustore funcs 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev bb88484b53 Remove include for legacy headers 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 586d8f6c64 Implement restore=true for ENTRY 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 6a4ccd04d0 ptype: Arbitrary string PTYPE 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 3c0b603d96 PTYPEs INT and UINT 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 15dc3ca2f5 ksym: ksym_new_ext() function and aliases for permanent and sync flags 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 01504b945f Navigation nav() sym implementation 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 2dfdb21fd4 Check for context type for nav() symbol 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev a1f63f3415 Some comments for context types 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 28a9a185d9 ACTION's context contains session data 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 663068a6db nav: Return private.h back 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 78337fd233 navigation: Documentation 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 9ed4a10d64 Remove legacy files 3 weeks ago