Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Serj Kalichev 9fcb997b42 doc 8 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 80aee66464 Change XML ns 8 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 7c15b5d7e6 Add min/max attributes to COMMAND tag 9 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 3d472a2fcf xsd: Remove legacy comments 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 710de0f77c xml: process_param() 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 480c71832a xml: Rename MULTI to SEQ 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev af3bb9c7d2 xml: PTYPE can has ref but don't have name 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev ef4aee870c xml: process_command() 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev db2836fa7b xml: Remove unneeded tag SUBCOMMAND 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 96c9fa3a44 xml: Remove unneeded NSPACE tag. Use ref=<> attribute 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 8f2739b3db xml: PTYPE fix 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 820efce044 xsd: Changes for ENTRY 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 2e2df54ac6 xsd: Some refactoring 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev 8b704528c2 xsd: PLUGIN 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev f7ed842d2c Working on process_ptype() and xsd 11 months ago
  Serj Kalichev ed564ef6f0 xsd: Add new tags 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 6ce9c324b6 xsd: Replace NAMESPACE by NSPACE 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev a2f97b966b xsd: Fix xsd 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev d14921e56e xsd: Add possible tags to ENTRY 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev 19b175d089 Add help 'purpose' 1 year ago
  Serj Kalichev e339a4492a ptype as a entry's purpose. parse_for_local_exec() 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev f5266e6c07 kentry: Add field 'purpose' 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev aa05198c24 xsd: Add 'never' value to exec_on field 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 707cc3756d kaction: Add 'permanent' and 'syc' attrs 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 0d28aea6f2 entry: Remove all useless structs from tree. From ischeme and kscheme. Removed elements are view, ptype, command, param, nspace. All correspondent XML tags translate its content to kentry_t 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev a5fe975b2a kentry_t: Initial version 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev bb422d961f entry: Add ENTRY to xsd 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 2171177f25 xsd: PARAM's aliases are SUBCOMMAND, SWITCH, MULTI 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 4765a468f1 xsd: Unfinished PARAM alias tags 2 years ago
  Serj Kalichev 5dd269ae6b scheme.plugin: Remove 'global' field 2 years ago