klish-no-pager.conf 651 B

  1. # Template for config file /etc/klish/klish.conf. It's used by klish utility.
  2. # The klishd uses UNIX domain socket to receive connections. It will create an
  3. # filesystem entry to allow clients to find connection point. By default klish
  4. # client utility will connect to /tmp/klish-unix-socket.
  5. #UnixSocketPath=/tmp/klish-unix-socket
  6. # The klish can use external pager for non-interactive commands. By default it
  7. # will execute "/usr/bin/less -I -F -e -X -K -d -r" process as a pager.
  8. Pager="/usr/bin/less -I -F -e -X -K -d -r"
  9. # External pager is enabled by default. But user can explicitly enable or
  10. # disable it. Use "y" or "n" values.
  11. UsePager=n